Guided Yoga for strength,

healing, rejuvenation and


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To offer access to yoga which is intentional, compassionate and delivered

 from a heart-centered perspective. 

To facilitate well-being, healing and reclamation of life through yoga.

About Us

     My focus for the past 16 years has been in the Health and Wellness arena.  I am a former owner of a successful physical therapy practice and a certified yoga instructor. 

     I facilitate yoga from a trauma-informed perspective.  I work with both those directly affected by domestic violence and abuse, other traumas and grief and the staff and advocates that support those individuals. 

     Through Purple Lotus Wellness Yoga, I offer yoga which is therapeutic and therapy-based.  My aspiration is to bring yoga to all individuals, regardless of physical limitations, and encourage emotional and physical healing.  To guide yoga in order to help others find their energy, strength and courage.  To support those who serve by offering an outlet in which to recharge, refresh and re-energize.

"To allow all individuals a place to de-stress and re-fuel in order to perform better in the world and in LIFE."

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters

compared to what lies within us.     

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Meaning of the Purple Lotus

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The lotus flower holds great symbolic meaning in a number of cultures.  The symbolism of the lotus is related to how it rises from the muck and, while it's roots are in the mud, it still blooms beautifully on the water.  The purple color of the lotus flower is particularly significant:  It signifies enlightenment and rebirth.



Meet your instructor

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I have been focused in the Health and Wellness arena for more than 16 years and I have been teaching yoga for 9 years.

I am certified in 200 HR RYT, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Trauma-informed Yoga, Yin and Restorative Yoga and Nidra Yoga.

I am humbled to have gained additional certifications through the National Non-profit Organizations:

Yoga For First Responders,

and Warriors at Ease. Facilitating yoga for our brave First Responders and Veterans. I am passionate about serving these individuals, allowing them a platform to process stress, build resiliency and achieve optimal levels of performance--

on and off the mat.

Sharon Wheeler




                     Trauma-informed yoga supports the relief of:

  • trauma as a result of domestic violence and/or abuse

  • general traumas

  • secondary trauma associated with one's work

  • trauma related to COVID-19

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • grief

  • PTSD

  • sleep disturbances

  • weight and self esteem issues

  • overall muscle tightness and inflexibility


Offering Individual or Group classes, Workshops and Retreats




I'm proud to be partnering with Robin's Nest Foundation in Castle Rock!

"Holiday Yoga on the Farm" with the horses.

All levels yoga in the barn under the twinkle lights.

Give yourself a break from the hustle and bustle.

Go to "Book a Class" to register




The Body Keeps The Score   Brain, Mind And Body In The Healing Of Trauma   Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.

Embodied Healing   Using Yoga To Recover From Trauma And Extreme Stress   Lisa Danylchuk, LMFT

Overcoming Trauma through Yoga   Reclaiming Your Body   David Emerson & Elizabeth Hopper, PhD

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga In Therapy   Bringing The Body Into Treatment   David Emerson

The Trauma Tool Kit   Healing PTSD From The Inside Out   Susan Pease Banitt, LCSW

Understanding and Healing Emotional Trauma   Conversations with pioneering clinicians and researchers   Daniel F. Sieff


BulletProof Spirit  The First Responder's Essential Resource for Protecting and Healing Mind and Heart  Capt. Dan Willis

Emotional Survival For Law Enforcement  A Guide for Officers and Their Families  Kevin M. Gilmartin, Ph.D.




1.   Sharon is so friendly and truly cares about our stress relief and happiness. I feel extremely relaxed, refreshed, and ready to start my day when leaving her class. I appreciate everything Sharon does and think her work improves the mental state and overall productivity of people who attend. 


2.   Sharon is a fantastic instructor. She has an understanding of the stresses we encounter and provides much needed stress relief. I feel more relaxed and simply calmer. I love these sessions.  


3.   I really enjoyed the yoga today. Sharon knocked it out of the park...She did an amazing job...Thank you for providing this. Yoga has been the best thing for my mental and physical well-being.

4.   Sharon is an insightful instructor and adjusts based on a specific problem.  I'm new to yoga and was a little apprehensive, but came out of the class renewed and less stressed!  I would highly recommend others to give it a try. 

5.    I have been doing Yoga with Sharon for almost a year now, and it has been very beneficial for my health and recovery. With job related PTSD issues, as well as numerous physical limitations, Sharon has always been very attentive and caring to my situation.  She is able to adapt , and is always seeking feedback to make sure I am getting the most out of our sessions. I have tried yoga in the past, but have had a hard time staying with it. But the first responder focus of this type of yoga is a very good fit for me, and I highly recommend it for all my brothers and sisters. 

Paramedic Captain Gary Metz, Littleton Fire Rescue, Retired

6.   I attended the yoga class today for the first time and it was awesome.  The Nidra was a new experience for me and I  am looking forward to additional classes. I will be attending as many classes as my calendar will permit. Thanks for making this available.  

7.   I love Sharon's approach.  I’ve done yoga for years so I know I can make things as difficult or as easy as I want, which is helpful.  She is great at prompting stress relief with suggestions of thoughts and releases. 

8.   Sharon was absolutely amazing and I truly loved starting my work day with yoga. She took extra time after the session to teach me other poses and stretches that would benefit me specifically. I cannot express enough how amazing this class/program is to have for self-care, clearing your mind, preparing you for your next shift, debriefing your previous shift.  

9.   Sharon was a great instructor and helped me with poses to help with my pregnancy and childbirth.  Will return to classes when back from maternity leave.  Sometimes it is hard to find classes that fit my schedule but with the increased response that should change.  

10.   Today was my first yoga session with Sharon and we got to experience the Yoga Nidra. It was super relaxing and a great way to wind down from a day of work or to prepare you for the day that lies ahead. I highly recommend trying it out, all levels of experience could benefit.  

11.   Sharon is a meaningful yoga instructor who teaches with a centered rhythm, allowing her students (me) to follow with confidence and ease.  She has allowed me to fluidly connect and understand my mind, body and spiritual integration through her on point instruction.

12.   Thank you again SO much for a wonderful session.  I truly haven't slept that well in weeks!  Plus, I received great text messages from the other participants who thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am amazed what yoga can do.  We are grateful for this opportunity with you.  It is strengthening our bodies, our spirits and our relationships.

13.   I am going to miss your sessions so much, Sharon!  Here I thought that finding a hair person was the worst part of moving out of state.  Now I know it's finding another yoga instructor!!

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