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Mental Exhaustion

Mental exhaustion comes from an overactive mind constantly searching for a sense of safety. 
When the thinking mind is over-working, we have a tendency to fall into a life of rigidity. There’s a constant need to control our outer situations so we can feel safe.
The problem is, the outer world is always changing, causing the mind to remain stuck in a continual state of overdrive to determine what to do.
It’s left constantly thinking, analyzing, and judging - asking should I do this or that? Is that person right or wrong? Is that safe? Am I safe?
The mind is simply trying to help, but instead of making us feel safe and in control, it leaves us feeling stressed, anxious, and… exhausted.
Even our soul starts to feel tired and uninspired after a while, and life seems to lose its luster.
If this goes on long enough, we lose touch with what matters most in our lives - the delight, joy, and feeling authentically loved. We miss that sense of softness, or sacredness at this gift of life…  
We forget we’re meant to enjoy this life, rather than simply survive it.
With all that’s taking place during these turbulent times on the planet, it’s possible you feel this way right now.
The good news is, you don’t have to.
Rather than allow your mind to exhaust you, you can actually use your mind to re-ignite your life to feel more vibrantly and joyfully alive… no matter what is happening around you.
Breaking free from the chaos of the outside world and living each day from a peaceful, and even joyful place, is possible - for you and everyone you know through the practice of yoga.
Breaking free begins by using your mind to anchor your consciousness in the core of your body, and getting in touch with the True you - that place of joy, power, and peace within, and the deep gut wisdom of knowing what to do in any situation.

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